Engineering Finesse

Sustainability (ESD)

With the world's environment at a near breaking point, JJA are committed to ensuring that our designs have the most energy and resource efficient practices that are sustainable in the long term.

To achieve a Green Star or NABERS rating for a building is a collaborative effort of the total design team. Building services plays a significant role in this process to secure this prestigious award. We have already completed a number of projects with 4 & 5 star ratings providing us with the experience and the knowhow to design and, implement the methodology to achieve an energy efficient building.

It is our expectation that in the future all buildings will have a star rating as the cost of achieving this is insignificant compared to the long term direct and indirect benefits achieved.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design for occupant comfort.
  • Passive solar thermal designs.
  • Displacement and underfloor air distribution.
  • Active and passive chilled beam systems.
  • Outside air economy cycle and building purging.
  • Indoor environment quality.
  • Passive thermal storage systems such as rock labyrinths.
  • Heat recovery systems.
  • Energy efficient lighting systems and controls.
  • Artificial lighting control in-conjunction with ambient light.
  • Co-generation and tri-generation systems.
  • On-site renewable energy generation via solar arrays and wind turbines.
  • Water efficiency, storage and recycling.
  • Waste management and recycling.