Leading Solutions

The requirement for any business to have a correctly and efficiently operating data centre cannot be understated.  The normal day-to-day operations of businesses are more and more solely dependent on computers with a high degree of reliability.  This reliability emanate from the heart of the business which is the central data centre. Without this level of reliability and redundancy the outcome to a business and its profitability would be catastrophic. 

JJA has over 15 years of significant data centre design and construction experience of many large and small corporate critical data centre projects and is considered a leader in the field.  This experience is available to enhance and optimise your data centre.  The key to designing a state of the art, high reliability data centre is to clearly establish the client's business model including its business risks, system vulnerabilities, growth, etc. in order to customise a propose made environment suitable to sustain the business for a long period of time. 

With the advent of high density blade servers resulting in data racks with power densities of up to 20kW per rack, the challenge of providing efficient cooling is paramount.  We have successfully addressed this and other major issues in our recent data centre designs.   

Our current data centre philosophy is to apply "Green" credentials to new data centres.  This can be achieved using some of the following innovations:

  • Free cooling by introducing full outside air.
  • Use of generator power where possible during the testing of the generator.
  • Heat recovery from the data centre to serve other parts of the building(s).
  • Standardisation on energy efficient servers.
  • Reduction of power by virtualisation of servers.
  • Use of servers that turn off or turn down when not in use.
  • Provision of blanking plates in data racks to fill gaps between servers.
  • Hot isle & cold isle containment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Access floor system.
  • Computer room design & construction.
  • Data communications.
  • Standby power generation.
  • UPS power supply.
  • Essential power reticulation.
  • Dry & wet pipe sprinkler systems.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Under floor & space fire detection systemsx
  • Multi-point aspirating smoke detection systems.
  • High tolerance process cooling systems.
  • Environmental monitoring and status alarm systems.
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Plant and system redundancy.
  • High level security system.
    • Intruder detection.
    • Access control.
    • Biometric access control.
    • Multi level security & man map control.
    • Digital closed circuit television [CCTV] systems.