Lateral Design

With a commitment to conservation of natural resources, JJA's hydraulic designs reflect the most efficient water and waste management systems suitable for all buildings. We have developed strategies to harvest rain water and treatment and recycling of grey and black water for toilet flushing and/or landscape irrigation resulting in significant reduction in unnecessary wastage of water.

Many of our medium to large project now includes at least a rain water harvesting system that is piped to flush toilets as standard.

Our hydraulic services projects consist of sanitary waste and plumbing, mains water and domestic hot water reticulation designs.

Hydraulic Services Expertise

  • Sanitary waste systems.
  • Trade waste drainage & treatment systems.
  • Waste treatment plants.
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Domestic hot water systems.
  • Potable water systems.
  • Water pressurisation systems.
  • Natural & LP gas service.

Water Management Expertise

  • Water efficient fixture & tap outlet use in designs.
  • Rainwater harvesting and collection systems.
  • Recycled water reticulation system with efficient filtration.
  • Grey & black water treatment and recycling.