Engineering Finesse

As part of JJA's multi disciplinary services commitment, mechanical services systems designed by our office provide a comfortable and liveable environment within a building which is conducive to getting the best output from the staff who works in this environment.

Mechanical service also plays a key role in the energy star rating of a building. With this in mind, we deliver air conditioning and ventilation systems that are highly energy efficient, quiet, unobtrusive and compact where possible to satisfy the varying thermal comfort needs of different individuals within a work space.

It is proven that introduction of more outside are benefits the well being of people and increase productivity within an office environment. To affect this, our designs provide variable flow outside air through the air conditioning system which is connected to carbon dioxide sensors. Outside air quantity is increased or decreased when set-points are breached in the carbon dioxide sensors.

JJA's mechanical services expertise extends to commercial buildings, high/medium/low rise apartment buildings, industrial buildings, schools, hospitality, airports, high risk data centres, mult-purpose auditoria to name but a few.

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy efficient air conditioning systems.
  • Data centre high tolerance environmental conditioning systems.
  • Passive and active chilled beam systems.
  • Heating & ventilation systems.
  • Dedicated toilet & tenant ventilation systems.
  • Specialist kitchen extraction and scrubber systems.
  • Clean room environments.
  • Building automation systems (BAS).
  • Hydraunic & convection Heating systems.
  • Smoke hazard management systems.