Lateral Design

JJA provides Consulting Engineering Design, Documentation, Project Management and Site Inspection Services on building projects of various size and complexity.
The Quality policy adopted by JJA is based on compliance with AS3901/ISO/9001
To achieve the criteria of the above standards, our design and documentation process is strictly controlled with the add of the following procedure.

  • Establishment of correct design from the concept stage
  • Service Coordination[in house or otherwise throughout the entire documentation period
  • Preparation of specifications that are custom made for the project and covering all the aspects in detail
  • Carrying out regular site inspections to ensure that the installation is implemented strictly in accordance with the contract documents

We believe, with the implementation of the above procedures, we produce documents that are accurate and meet the highest of quality and standard.

Our staff have been fully trained in our methods of Quality Assurance for us to achieve the full potential of the quality service offered.