A technologically modern communications system is an integral and a vital part of any large or small business not only to exist but to be competitive and grow in the 21st century. 

A correctly designed and implemented communications network to truly integrate a business is crucial to achieve this objective.  With emerging and ever evolving technology, a key to designing a communications network is to clearly understand the client’s business model in order to customise a best-fit solution to suit their precise needs.

JJA’s involvement in the technology sector for over 15 years has made us a leading authority on not only the best practices, but which systems are most suitable for specific clients and their projects.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication data cabling network designs & configurations.
  • Communications system designs with diverse paths to minimise business down time.
  • Fibre optic backbone reticulations and connection of remote nodes within buildings or on campus arrangements.
  • Fibre To The Home (FTTH) infrastructure & system designs.
  • Fully integrated Security, CCTV, Intercom, Pay TV, FTA TV, Data, Telephony, Nurse Call services are but some of the services that can operate on a common cabling platform.
  • Wireless technology for buildings internally or externally.
  • Use of microwave, RF or laser technology to connect remote buildings of long distance.
  • Integration of audio visual systems, including video conferencing and tele-presence systems.